World Duty Free (Heathrow T5)

This new concept store for WDF made use of an extensive Data Network to drive cash services and multiple visual displays. Much of the mid-floor joinery incorporated structured network cabling for merchandising display screens.

The works were phased, carried out within a live trading environment over the course of 12 months. The task of keeping most of the old network running whilst bringing various phased areas online was a challenge and it was our goal that the customer experience was maintained throughout the programme. There is also a 100m long winding display screen, made up of countless smaller screens to create the main visual centrepiece, all running over a Cat 6 network.


Great Western Hospital, Swindon

Edmont provide ongoing M&E services and support to Serco and directly to GWH NHS Trust at Great Western Hospital. Works vary from maintenance and upgrades of existing systems, through to the installation of new equipment such as oxygen supply systems and fire dampers.